Casa Tomate – Seville

This is the second time we have eaten in this lovely tapas bar / restaurant. I wanted to just show the interior which is decorated in a cute and quirky way. The more people we take there, the more food we get to try, and not once have we been disappointed. Whether you choose to sit indoors or outside in the orange tree-lined avenue, it really is a lovely place to just kick back with a drink (in my case diet coke) and watch the world go by.

Casa Tomate

Calle Mateos Gago 24,

41004 Seville,


Telephone: 00 34 954 22 04 21


2 thoughts on “Casa Tomate – Seville

  1. So how do you travel to Seville, coach, rental car ?
    I’ve been told by another blogger that it is very dangerous to take a Gib registered car into Spain, they are all too often confiscated without compensation.


    1. We always hire a car, as we don’t own one here. I have had friends do the coach, (2 – 4 hours depending on passengers and traffic) but I am afraid I don’t travel well and as we are married my husband has to put up with my travel sickness, other people not so much!
      I have heard that it can be dangerous for cars as well, not so much trouble, but they get vandalised and trashed. However we always take fully comp when we park a Spanish plate over in Gib as we have heard that this kind of behaviour is reciprocated! I have never heard of vehicles being confiscated unless it is do with smuggling. I think it just depends where you leave your car if I am honest!


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