Europa Point Playground – Gibraltar

I’m not really a huge fan of children. However I am of an age where all my friends are breeding. One of these friends came to stay for four days recently and along came her small person. I have never had to live with a small person before, nor have I had to entertain one, feed one and generally look after them. One of our activities (when the weather played ball) was to visit the playground at Europa Point. I had to control the urge not to play on those new frames, giant swings and slides myself.

Dare I suggest an adult only afternoon in a letter to the Governor? 😉

Anyway I hope you enjoy the pictures of the Holly Monster and her monkey Malcolm / Mia (Yes the monkey was a transsexual…)

2 thoughts on “Europa Point Playground – Gibraltar

    1. Lol. She is a sweet kid. This park is at the most southern point of Gib, it is within walking distance, about 20 minutes from where I live, but you can get the number two bus from wherever it stops in Gib to Europa Point, (free to ID card holders £1 to visitors) and have a wander, and there is a cafe there now, I’ve not been in, but it gives you the option to stop for tea! 🙂


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