Mumbai Curry House No 2 – South Barrack Road – Gibraltar

Mumbai Curry House No 2 is in my mind primarily a take away. Located in South Barrack Road, there are a few tables to eat in-house, but as it is swamped pretty much every evening I wouldn’t recommend it unless you don’t mind people standing over you as you eat!

South Barrack Road is an absolute nightmare for parking and as it is the number 3 bus route double parking isn’t an option as you get a giant bus hooting at you, well at least until about 2130 each day, and a lot of angry residents glaring down at you. I don’t drive, but I have seen this happen several times! I would say that finding a space on the ‘upper’ part of South Barrack Road or Europa Road, or just past South Barrack Road and by the local school are probably the best options for parking. And the small walk is well worth it. Alternatively you can chance it and you might just get lucky!

The food is delicious. The sauces are rich and tasty. And regardless of dish you  get a hit of each flavour that goes into it. Unlike some curry houses where the food can be filling but bland. I have had chicken tikka masala, the lamb version, several rice dishes, my husband loves the Chana masala, and we both gorge ourselves on the side dishes. The onion bahjias are to die for. There is also a spinach version which is just amazing.

We had this for dinner the other night and so distracted by the smell was I that I forgot to get pictures until after we had eaten. So forgive me because this is all that was left… I will try harder next time!

Onion Bahjia, Spinach Bahjia, Samosa. YUM
Chana Masala

Right I have scanned the menus which contain all of the yummy details and also all of the details for contacting them. I hope you enjoy! 🙂

MumbaiMenu MumbaiMenu1

4 thoughts on “Mumbai Curry House No 2 – South Barrack Road – Gibraltar

  1. Dear Brit on the Rock 😉
    Do you still eat there? I have just recently moved to Rosia Dale and yesterday I tried the food at the Mumbai C.H. no.2. I must say I have a mixed feelings – samosa was great, onion bhaji was so oily that I didn’t feel onion 😉 the curry sauce was delicious (although very, very thick and creamy) but the chicken meat in the curry tasted… like it was a little dated… So what do you think about that place nowadays?

    All the best in 2016! 🙂



    1. Hey Marcin,

      We don’t eat there anymore because we moved to the other end of Gibraltar. However you aren’t the only person to tell me that the meat they served wasn’t as fresh as it could have been. I also agree with you about the onion bhajis. We have recently had a takeaway from Raj’s on Queensway. Try the food there if you have a car, or you can eat in. It is much nicer. It bugs me the way some places get complacent here, it’s like they don’t value their customers. I hope MCH2 pick up the slack in 2016, because they used to be ace!

      Best wishes for your 2016 as well.

      BOTR 😀


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