Room and Board

I am hoping someone who reads this blog might be able to help me with some information!

I have a friend in the UK who is looking to rent a place for a couple of weeks. He needs a B&B really. I have scoured the web, yet can’t find anything. I was hoping that someone might have the details to someone who does room and board. Or know of a building that does two-week rentals? That don’t cost upwards £1000 a week! It can be in La Linea as well.

Thank you in advance.


4 thoughts on “Room and Board

  1. I used Ocean Heights when I was here. Self-catering apartments. I found it perfectly acceptable, washing machine included too. But I prefer self-catering anyway. And it was convenient for the cheap Indian. I used Herald Travel, based in OH and found them really helpful and flexible. I paid £40 a night but it has probably gone up since then. They did a discount for longer term stays. Don’t know if a couple of weeks will qualify.

    The other one is in Governor’s Parade (I think) maybe called governor’s inn. Similar sort of set up, but I never used that, because I was happy with OH.

    A lot of people rent out their flats privately, eg you’re looking at £600/700 for a one bed flat in Eurotowers.

    I’m not aware of any B&B in Gib!! Unless you count the Emile youth hostel, which, again a couple of years ago came in at £20 a night but included a basic breakfast.

    But breakfasts in Gib are pretty easy, you are looking at around a fiver a head.

    Then there are the hotels. Continental was the cheapest last time I asked around, followed by the Queens and the Bristol. We had some friends stay at the Bristol Christmas Eve some years ago and they chucked in breakast as well 🙂 which apparently was good. That was £80 for two back then.

    None of these are expensive, or at least not £1000 a week or more. You can always go and look and send him some pix. Money’s tighter in Gib right now, so you might get a deal for him.


      1. The Eurotowers price I quoted is a monthly rental one, but I know a lot of them will take short-term holiday lets (well, why wouldn’t they when the flat is sitting empty?).

        B&B isn’t really something that happens down here is it? For all that Gib is British, there is a lot of Spanish influence. So many Spaniards visit a bar for breakfast, whether it is churros, a sandwich or tostada with their café. Which is probably why the bars/pubs meet the breakfast end of the market.

        Plus B&B implies a building and most of us live in flats unless we are millionaires. And even some of those live in flats.

        I think it depends what level of luxury (or not) your friend requires. For me, OH was perfectly fine. The corridors are gloomy but I wasn’t living in the corridor. The people in the building were friendly. And it is central and convenient. If he is staying for two weeks and there are any problems with the flat he was given, I’m sure Herald would sort it or move him elsewhere.

        Another place to think of renting an apartment might be water gardens which isn’t too expensive, one of our friends rents there for £600 a month.

        I’m not up on La Linea, and if he wants to be in Gib, I would prefer a Gib base, but I’ve heard reasonable reports of the big hotel overlooking the marina, can’t remember the name. You know the one, leave the frontier and turn left. The cheaper and more basic places are off the main shopping area, ie walk across, post office on right and hostals etc on streets to the left.

        Sorry I can’t be more specific, I’ve slipped into the spanish habit of describing obvious places rather than giving street names!


      2. No I know the hotel you mean, it is where we stayed for a few nights when we came to check out Gib, I have passed all the info along. And again thank you. I know where those hostels are in La Linea, vaguely at least! I think OH will be fine, especially given its great central location.


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