I’ve been away…

My husband and I have been in the UK. Cold, wet, snowy place. We are back now. And I have new camera phone which I used to take these pictures. Not that bad for a phone I think!

It is so good to be back. The weather for one, the people for another. Man alive are people in the UK rude!

I am aiming to take the camera out again soon and I have a couple of reviews to do, of home delivery / take away restaurants. Also I really must get some images of the Christmas decorations in town. They are so very sweet.

We have made absolutely no effort to ‘Christmassify’ the apartment so these little outside touches are quite nice. Then again so is coming home to a normal environment rather than a tinsel riddled twinkling grotto, but hey whatever floats your boat eh?!

Happy holidays and a very Happy New Year to you all! 😀

2012-12-21 18.14.28 2012-12-28 13.39.12 2012-12-28 13.41.19

4 thoughts on “I’ve been away…

  1. There you are, we all missed you. I’ve got a Samsung device now too, but haven’t used the camera very much. I’m hoping 2013 is the year I get to Gib, but house selling is so slow.

    Happy New Year to you and hubby.


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