Dog poop and litter.

It depresses me immensely to write something negative about Gibraltar. I am so fond of living here, yet I feel this issue needs to be addressed.

Firstly dog mess.

It is disgusting. It is everywhere. I don’t know if it is concentrated in just my street, and the routes I take, but I can’t leave my building without being confronted by steaming lumps of stinking mess. If you own a dog, take bags out with you. It simply isn’t on to let your dog mess in the street and for you to leave it there. (The only exception being in my mind, is if your dog has the runs. That isn’t easy to clean up after. Gross but true.) I don’t care if you own a tiny mutt or a massive hound, dog crap, is dog crap. We’ve lost track of the amount of times the poor cleaning lady has had to sanitize the halls of our building because someone who lives here has walked it in. It isn’t everyone elses job to look where they are walking either as some delightful twit informed me this past weekend. It is a dog owners job to clean up after their animal. This argument is null and void after dark. How exactly are you supposed to see the mess when the streets are a shady as the dog mess?

As a former pet owner I didn’t allow my dog to foul outside of someones home and just leave it there. It is so disrespectful, it is so dirty, and if the owners haven’t wormed their pets there are so many health problems associated with dog mess my head spins! Also Gibraltar isn’t a rural area, it is a densely populated urban area so please show some respect to your fellow residents, and tourists alike. How do you think this looks to people visiting? The streets covered in dog mess. It simply isn’t on! And if you are mature enough to own a pet, you can deal with the nasty stuff that comes with them!

The next thing to really bug me of late is litter. The border is always covered in cigarette litter, this wont ever change whilst the smuggling is so rife, why the smugglers can’t seem to find a bin is something of a mystery (or just a pathetic attempt at making a political point?) but there you go… Dog owners take note, if you’ve run out of poop bags, pop down to the border where there are thousands blowing around like the unofficial welcoming committee to anyone visiting Gibraltar. This makes for such a marvellous welcome, not.

The other litter I see is soft drinks bottles / beer bottles / old food / cans / sweet wrappers / newspapers left all over the place. It is just vile. (I know the gulls / apes do raid bins. But this is not what I am referring too.) Use the street bins provided. Or take the rubbish home with you. I just don’t get it.

Whilst out last week I picked up and removed not one, not two, but three bottles shoved into the railings of the Alameda Gardens. Do people not realise how lucky they are to have such a lovely place to sit and relax in? And all of these were within arms reach of a bin! And in general it is local teens (how cliché is that?) who I see abandoning their rubbish mostly, what did your parents teach you? Leaving rubbish everywhere is just about the lamest way you can rebel, ever. Do you not understand that your surrounding area isn’t something to be taken for granted and abused? That by behaving like this you are giving an impression of your country, that you don’t care, so then nobody else has too!

If you are visiting Gibraltar please don’t toss your rubbish out of your pockets on to the floor, please put it in the bin, or I will do it for you, whilst screaming loudly and pointing wildly at you. I am sick of it! The Upper Rock is one of the most amazing view points in Europe, it isn’t a place for you to discard your crisp packets, sandwich wrappers, or McDonald’s debris. Seriously I hope an ape rips the arm off of the next person to do this! Or not, if the apes will get into bother over that. Show some respect for other people and the places you visit. Or so help me God I will take up pooing in the street right outside of your door, and maybe I’ll wedge my old diet coke bottle into it for good measure!

End of rant.

8 thoughts on “Dog poop and litter.

  1. You are lucky to have bins to put your rubbish in. Since the IRA bombing campaigns most bins in public places were removed in London, especially places like shopping centres and rail/bus stations. Slowly though, bins are reappearing.

    As for dog poo, yes the responsibility of the dog owners. There is a footpath near me the leads straight up to Wimbledon town centre, and is a mecca for dog walkers. Now the clocks have gone back, you can’t use it from mid-afternoon because of all the poo that most dog owners don’t clear up and you end up walking in. I’m sad to hear its a Gib problem too.


    1. Do you know I have never noticed a lack of bins in London! How odd. In the shopping centre where my boutique was based we had bins, but not loads now I think of it, and they were small… I guess it shows how naive I am, I just don’t see bins as weapons. That and as a girl I always have huge rubbish filled bag on my shoulder! What a world we live in…
      It is a shame about that footpath, people can be such asses! Our road is so bad at one end now we have changed our route home from town because I simply can’t face hosing my shoes down again. I am going to start taking pictues of the owners and their pets when they let them foul and don’t clean it up, I will post them on here, Tweet them and shame the people into being cleaner! It just isn’t on!


  2. Hear, hear! We even have the poop problem with people walking their dogs off-leash in our neighborhood, and letting them go in the front yard of our house (not cleaning it up, of course)! What are they thinking??? We don’t even let our own dogs on the front yard lawn!


  3. A lot of the early IRA explosive devices were hidden in large bins, which A. Made them hard to see and B. Created more of a blast as they went off in a confined space.

    I guess in Gibraltar more people know each other, so tweeting might be more effective than it would be in London. Might be worth joining Gibbook, which is a Gib ‘version’ of facebook, that might work with the naming and shaming.


    1. I might start using the BOTR Twitter account to poo shame people! That is a great idea!
      It doesn’t bear thinking about the bombs. We had a scare here recently… That was enough for me to stay indoors for a few days!


  4. I love the cigarette smugglers and their endlessly discarded supply of plastic bags which we use for our dog. Let alone the mess on the pavement, what racks me off is when people think it is ok to let their dogs on the gardens. So great, the poor gardeners have to clean up dog crap as well as weed the gardens. That is so not their job.

    It’s a really emotive subject. I actually don’t think Gib is that bad, I think most dog owners are responsible, and while I don’t agree with not cleaning up after your dog, I also don’t think it is the biggest issue in the world.


    1. I am glad someone is making a good use of those bags. I can only hope we can encourage others to do the same. I wonder if the Rotunda shop and Kiosk where individually billed by the Government for cleaning up in that area, would they suddenly stop handing out pointless bags?!
      I have seen multiple people let their dogs foul in the gardens, you are correct it isn’t the gardeners job to remove it, or dig it in, or whatever they have to do with it. The garden that borders the path, which runs along the old walls by Queensway, is particularly bad.
      It just isn’t on that some people seem to think it is others responsibility to clean up after their animals. If you take on a pet, you take on the fun and the funky bits! And as someone who has walked it into their home on several occasions I have to say I think it can be a big deal, especially when you take into consideration that a lot of people have children who play on the same floors that dog poo has been massaged into, it can be quite grim!


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