Jumpers Building – Gibraltar

I love the turrets of this building.

10 thoughts on “Jumpers Building – Gibraltar

  1. Did Jumpers bdg used to be police accommodation ? I also remember a hooter going off in the dockyard opposite at certain times. Is this still the case. Last time I visited was early 1970’s


    1. I don’t know if Jumpers was Police accommodation if I am honest. I will try and find out, but seeing as it is just up the road from the Police Station it might well have been! The horn in the dockyard does still go off, at least I believe it is the dockyard, Gibraltar is a noisy little place! Even from where we are, which is higher up in the South District we can hear the noises of the dockyard! You should visit Gibraltar again, it has changed so much since you were last here!


  2. Thank you for this reply. I did revisit Gib a couple of years ago but did not enter Jumpers. At the time I had family living in the old flats, infact they appeared very old then and in need of attention. The new Jumpers looks very plush. I have always taken an interest in Gibraltar history and spent many a day exploring the rock in the past. I would be very interested if you can come up with some info on the old Jumpers.
    Thank you Jerry Holt East Devon


  3. I have some writings of my grandfather who was in the British
    Navy and who was born in Gibraltar (1887) where his father was stationed in the British Army.

    While at Gibraltar during a naval stop (1904-1905), he refers to the married quarters as ‘Little Jumpers’. I have not been there myself, but this could be the same place you’re wondering about.


      1. Jumper’s is named after Captain Jumper, the first British commander to land his troops on Gibraltar in 1704.


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