Le Bateau Restaurant Launch – Gibraltar

This evening we attended a lovely launch party for a new restaurant based right in the heart of Queensway Quay. The owners hosted the event on site and we were treated to delicious canapes and some lovely wines and champagne. During the speeches we were told how just days prior to the launch the restaurant had closely resembled a building site and that several friends had popped by and wondered if the launch would even happen! Lucky for us it did.

The staff were clearly excited to be part of a new venture and this was evident as they smiled and chatted with guests whilst explaining what each of the canapes contained. I have to say the canapes were delicious. With a variety that catered for everyone. Fish, meat, cheese. It makes my mouth water! If they are even a small taster of what the food will be like on a greater scale, then any potential patrons are in for a real treat!

The gentlemen who own the restaurant have a lot of experience between them and hold separate interests in other restaurants in Gibraltar.One being Ipanema, a place I regard highly as being a great place to grab a bite to eat…

The location of this new restaurant is fantastic. As I may have mentioned before I am a big fan of Queensway Quay. The restaurant itself is bright and airy. It has two indoors areas. One has a column which lights the room, and colours it in several shades. It is a unique feature and really changes the ambience of the room. It also has an outdoor area for those who smoke, as smoking is now banned inside of public buildings in Gibraltar. (Yippee, my hair no longer smells after an evening out!) I also love the fact that you can see right into the kitchen.

During the speeches we were told that the restaurant will have a slightly theatrical feel, if you want to see how something is made, then off to the kitchen you will go! Want to know what is in something, you’ll be invited to watch the chef whip up a batch! This aspect really appeals to me, as someone who got into cooking quite late, I now love any tips etc! And I am guessing it will appeal to anyone who always tries to recreate a meal themselves back home!

All round it was hugely enjoyable evening and I looked forward to dining there in the (very) near future!

The restaurant opens tomorrow evening! Good luck guys, we wish you well! 🙂

Le Bateau

Queensway Quay

Queensway Marina


Telephone: 00 350 200 66420

4 thoughts on “Le Bateau Restaurant Launch – Gibraltar

  1. I see the vegetarian menus are rather thin on the ground. As usual.

    They don’t even merit veg on the Christmas menu.

    Now would this be the revamped 14 on The Quay, The Boatyard, or whatever other restaurant down there has failed to make its way?

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the location, and we ate down there on more than one occasion. But restaurants come, and they go.


    1. The guys who have opened Le Bateau are very open to ideas. Maybe you should pop by and suggest some vegetarian options? I have to say I do notice that veggie options are somewhat limited here, but I think that is a general thing across the med.
      Le Bateau is in the old 14 on The Quay site. That had an unique menu, some very unusual meats, I know I saw game on the menu, which I found odd for this part of the world, as opposed to meals that would be easier to sell. I guess if you open a place you want to be creative but at the end of the day it is profits that keep the doors open so some artistic integrity will have to be held back!
      I hope this place is successful, it was very nice start to business yesterday and they only had a few tables left for tonight when we left the launch. I guess it is down to local people to keep local businesses afloat, especially as the tourist trade starts to peter out over the winter season.


  2. Thank you Brit on the rock for you support at Le Bateau certainly do need all the local support we can get.

    Roughseasinthemed also thank you for your comments as a new restaurant and being new to Queensway we are happy to get as much feedback as possible and would love to receive any suggestions you may have on the following email info@lebateau-gib.com. We can’t promise to be able to provide all your suggestions but will make every effort to accommodate your tastes and needs where possible whilst staying true to the style of the restaurant which is obviously French.

    Kind regards,
    Daniel Breeze


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