Zandra Rhodes Exhibition

I was lucky enough to get an invite to the Zandra Rhodes exhibit where her drawings inspired by her work on the opera ‘Aida’ were being displayed (and sold).

The gallery is a lovely little space and was also showing work by Jane Langdon and a couple of others.

Meeting Zandra was quite surreal. She is a flamboyant character, with her neon pink hair and funky dress sense. She is however very down to earth. It was certainly a day to remember. Later in the day she showed her new fashion collection over at Boyd’s in the Kings Bastion Leisure Centre, which was quite simply stunning.This was in conjunction with Gibraltar fashion week. It was quite an honour to have someone with as much fashion history to their name come here to exhibit. Roll on next season!

I am working on getting some pictures of the other ladies wear collection which was designed by Jane Langdon. The print can be seen below, it was used as upholstery on a chair in the gallery. It made for quite unique collection. All told it was quite a day!

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