The 100 Ton Gun – Gibraltar

This is just around the corner from me. Yet I had never visited till my Dad visited. He is of the opinion it should be restored to working order, for letting off a ‘boom‘ on National Day to mark the start of the celebrations!!

I personally can not get over the size of the thing. It is just massive. I am not a gun expert. Far from it, but how this was ever assembled back in the 1800’s is beyond me. It took  three weeks to move it a third of a mile. Yes. I know! It also took around three hours to get it ready to fire. That is not speedy warfare!

Anyway the display is great. It details the history, gives you lots of facts and has a few interactive bits and pieces to keep small people entertained. Hope the pictures lure you to take a look. It is worth the bus ride!

If you purchase a ticket for the nature reserve the cost of entrance into the gun is covered. If you just want to see the gun it is £1 for adults. If you hold an ID card for Gibraltar it is free entrance. It is open daily from 0930 until 1915 depending on the time of the year. We went at around 2pm on a Saturday afternoon and were the only people there. It was pretty awesome!

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