Gibraltar National Day

Last year I ignored it. I know, I know, that is bad of me, but I had heard all about it. How much is true I don’t know, but I did see more drunken people than you could shake a stick at later on in the day. This year as my Dad was over, we still avoided it. Everyone made a huge point of telling us how drunk everyone gets and as a family, we just don’t really drink all that much. And we do not like drunk people!

However according to a couple of work colleagues it seems that the general vibe of the day has changed, so next year I may well be down in Casemates Square… It sounds a bit more about National Pride rather than a booze fest!

So anyway the bits I did see…

We are quite high up the rock, and from our balcony we saw the release of the balloons. Thousands of them. One for each resident I heard! All in red and white! It looked so cool watching them drift up and over the Rock!

Earlier in the week, a concert was held at the Victoria Stadium where Jessie J performed. This must have been an amazing experience for the youngsters of Gibraltar, because Jessie J is a big star and to see her in concert you’d normally have to travel into Spain or the UK. I hope that this concert marks the start of more big name artists performing in Gibraltar!

In the evening the fireworks were amazing. I took my new camera, and proceeded to bodge nearly each and every single shot by moving. I clearly have the shakes. I might see a doctor!

We watched from Europa Road, as did many others, the view was brilliant. And the display spectacular!

On our walk back to the flat we bumped into a load of very merry gentlemen, who proceeded to move off of the path and wish us a happy evening! I guess I just need to remember that Gibraltar drunk folk are clearly a lot nicer than those from the UK…

2 thoughts on “Gibraltar National Day

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