Taps Bar & Restaurant, Gibraltar

On the evening of my friend’s birthday we decided to visit a second bar. Neither myself nor the husband has been to Taps bar, but we have both heard a lot about it. Firstly the staff are awesome. Really nice people. Really friendly. The bar has a laid back atmosphere and isn’t somewhere you couldn’t bring children. It over looks the marina. Check out this link.

You can order wine or soft drinks or bottles from the ‘regular bar’, but you can also buy credit for one of the table top pumps are pour your own pints! This is a really cute and unique feature. I have to say we had some entertaining moments watch some of our party struggle to pour a pint. On a dull note it is also a great way of limiting how much you spend on an evening out! And also monitoring exactly how much booze you consume. There are a few big screens around the bar so I think this would be a great location to watch some sports etc!

Taps Bar & Restaurant

5 Ocean Village,


Telephone: 00 350 200 67575

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