Cafe Rojo, Gibraltar

I have a soft spot for this restaurant, it is where I had my wedding lunch. So I am biased, however having eaten in there a couple of times since and again today having a coffee and some thick and crusty buttered toast I felt it was about time I did a post!

Firstly it is one of the nicest looking places you can dine out in, in Gibraltar. That might sound a bit odd, but it is set in an old building in Irish Town and the furniture and fittings are really chic. The staff are absolutely awesome. I doubt you will meet a more accommodating bunch of folks. They always do their level best to seat you and help you, when I had my wedding lunch, they devised a brilliant menu and did a set price for us. They also made a fuss and laid on some cute little vases of flowers and bits and bobs on the table. This unerring efficiency has not altered since our first visit.

The food. Ah the real reason to eat out. Well what can I say? The food doesn’t ever disappoint. It is a very varied and unique menu in that it combines different flavours in a way that no other place in Gibraltar does. I have had lamb there and it basically melted in my mouth, it was just so delicious and tender. Today I had thick and crusty white bread toasted, I liberally covered it in butter, there was a choice of jams or marmalade, but I just enjoyed a savoury treat! The dessert here is another class. I can personally recommend the cheesecake! My mouth waters at the memory of it!

If you want a glimpse at a menu click here.

This is a place that I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone looking for amazing food at a very reasonable price but set in an intimate venue with superb service. It is a place my husband and I save for special occasion meals and I do not think that anyone doing the same will feel at all let down by Cafe Rojo.

Cafe Rojo

54 Irish Town


Telephone: 00 350 200 51738

The photos have been ‘borrowed’ from Cafe Rojo’s Facebook page.


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