Toll roads and the tourist lane.

We did a fair amount of driving this past couple of days. Or my husband did. Yesterday we visited Malaga for the first time. We used the toll roads as we have found them to be empty and hassle free. And the toll price is not the hellish amount of money people would have you believe. At least not for a one-off journey, I can imagine it would be irritating to pay everyday…

The only thing we did notice yesterday was a ‘tourist’ lane at the toll booths and both of us wondered if tourists travelled the roads for free, or if the toll booth worker spoke numerous languages or something? We will properly investigate before we pick the car up again next month!

However in the mean time does anyone know what these lanes are for?

2 thoughts on “Toll roads and the tourist lane.

  1. The Olympics …. Oooooops no thats all the newly painted lanes round here.

    Being cynical, perhaps the tourist lanes are charged at twice the price of the locals lanes, on the basis tourists won’t know any better.



    1. I really don’t know. I am going to Google it when I have five minutes to concentrate. I wonder if they would try to charge more, I know when we lived in Malta restaurants would do that a lot, and shops to a degree, but toll roads?! The mind boggles!


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