Tarifa – Spain

We hired a car and went for a drive along the coast. We have both heard so much about Tarifa, and all of it good. The weather let us down a little bit. Well not really, but the wind and mist whipped up a sandstorm right at the tip of Tarifa. I have never experienced anything like it!

Tarifa is about thirty to forty-five minutes drive from Gibraltar. It all depends on traffic, the road there is crazy pretty. It winds its way through some of the most beautiful countryside and I love the wind farms. I know a lot of people grumble about them, but I like the striking contrast of them against nature, plus they are a brilliant source of renewable energy!

Here are our pictures:

11 thoughts on “Tarifa – Spain

  1. Did you hire the car in La Linea or in Gib ? I’d guess La Linea would be better, then you don’t have to share with the Gardia Civil you live in Gib, you can just be a stupid Brit tourist who the Spanish love as we boost their tourism industry.


      1. Even better, thanks for that. I think all in all the Spanish reg plate is probably an advantage driving in Spain. I’ve driven in both Barcelona and Madrid in local rental cars with no issues at all.


      2. We drove in Spain to Portugal last summer with a Gib plate, to be honest I think close to Gib, people are a bit funny (immediately around La Linea), but further away I don’t think they really care. I have heard tell of vandalism taking place but that has happened to both sides. But it does sometimes help to ‘blend in’ so to speak!


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