Jury’s Cafe and Wine Bar – Gibraltar

Jury’s is situated next to the court. Right at the far end of Main Street. Hence the name. It is a small bar and cafe with a few tables outside, which when shaded is a lovely place to sit and people watch. We actually got a seat inside on our visit as it was very busy outside, the place has quite a London vibe, which is nice for those days when you feel a tad homesick! There is also a slight feel of a Thornton’s cafe, with the numerous styles of tables and chairs that they have for customers to rest on. There are light bites of food available, but we just had coffee, orange juice and wine. To be precise three glasses of wine, two coffees and three glasses of orange, it came to £20 approximately.

The service is really good, all the staff we dealt with were incredibly chirpy and friendly and I can’t praise them enough. The place itself is very relaxing, and easy on the eye. And it has faux barristers wigs hanging by the door which adds a little comedy!


275 Main Street


Telephone: 00 350 67898

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