Printing work…

My husband has started a new football team with a friend. Consequently we needed to have some football shirts printed up. Luckily they managed to have a bunch of shirts donated to them, which helped enormously, but they still needed to have the numbers printed on the back. We did a bit of research and found there were two or three places in Gibraltar to get this type of printing done.

The first is in Sport City, the sports shop on Main Street. We didn’t use them though. I’m not sure on the reasons of why not, but I think the shop is more geared towards printing up the odd football shirt for a customer who has bought their teams new season shirt there, rather than a bulk of shirts bought in.

We also discovered that a friend of a friend does printing, they have all the machines required and all of the different bits and pieces but sadly we had already dropped our order into the place we used. (If you would like their details please feel free to email me and I will pass them along.)

The place we used is based in Watergardens, which is a stones throw from Ocean Village. It is called Cotton Leisure. We dropped the shirts off before we flew to the UK and arranged to collect them on the 13th. Annoyingly, or so we thought at the time, when we went to collect them on the 13th they weren’t ready, however there was a very good reason for this. My husband had measured up the shirts and told the lady that the numbers needed to be dropped 5cm down the back, when he actually meant 5 inches, she noticed when going to print them how odd it looked, so she stalled the job until she could speak to us, which I happen to think is not only thoughtful but also saved us a lot of problems as the shirts would have looked horrible had she just followed what he had written down. So after sorting that out, at their workshop, we arranged that I would collect them at lunchtime on the 14th from the shop in Watergardens.

The cost of printing up 15 shirts was £60.

The lady who we dealt with was really helpful and friendly, and the service in the shop is good, if there are any issues, their workshop is just down past Glacis Road (around the corner from Ocean Village again, about 10-15 minutes walk from the shop) so you can call in there, or they will call over there for you. The shop is also (I think) the main stockist for school uniforms in Gibraltar, or at least all of the official badged ones, they also sell workman’s clothes, such as high visibility vests and steel toe cap boots. It is quite a varied and unique enterprise!

Contact details:

Cotton Leisure, Embroidery Specialists

Unit 14, Block 5



Telephone: 00 350 20048340


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