Charlie’s Restaurant – Gibraltar

I have drunk far too much caffeine this evening so I am reviewing this restaurant now! We went to Charlie’s for dinner tonight with another couple. I didn’t even know that Charlie’s was anything more than a bar in Marina Bay, which is just next to Ocean Village, but it is actually a large and quite nice eatery.

The restaurant is nicely decorated and is very clean and modern. With booths or tables to sit at. We selected a corner booth and ordered drinks while we scanned the menu. The couple we dined with had eaten there before and told us that the curry was really good. I can confirm this. I had chicken tikka masala. It was delicious. Not too rich, not too spicy, it was just right, lots of meat and the rice portions would easily share across two people. The others had a dansak, madras and another tikka masala. They were all very pleased with their curries as well.

We also had dessert, I had an amazing, and I do mean amazing lemon meringue pie. It was truly delicious. A vast improvement on the last one I had! The others had apple pie, and hot fudge brownie. Again there were no complaints.

The bill came to just over £110 and that was with a couple of beers and two wines and my numerous diet cokes!

My only gripe was that the staff seemed to be in a particular hurry to kick us out, which I understand as they want more custom, but it felt a little rude, I would suggest that they in future bring the bill over when they see that glasses etc are empty, as opposed to them being full!

4/5 Britannia House,

Marina Bay,


Telephone: 00 350 200 69993



2 thoughts on “Charlie’s Restaurant – Gibraltar

  1. Sounds a nice place to eat. I have mixed feelings about staff bringing the bill, but thats mainly because I easily develop back ache if I sit in an upright chair for too long.

    My pet peeve is when I ask for the bill and it isn’t brought straight away, as my asking for it usually means the onset of backache. I’d have no problem with it being brought early, so long as they didn’t keep popping back to hassle me to pay it before I was ready.



    1. I get what you mean. We asked for the bill about two minutes after the waiting staff took away our dessert dishes, it was brought within say five minutes (I think this is an acceptable window of time for a busy Saturday night) we already had our cards and cash out, so they brought the PDQ machine over. We paid. We still had a good, half a drink left, and they kept coming back over and over, it almost got the point where I felt embarrassed. I sort of wish they had suggested we move to the bar, at least then there wouldn’t have been this awkward tension while we finished up our drinks!


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