The Breadbin – Gibraltar

This tiny little sandwich bar is tucked away in the arcade on Main Street, the arcade is just up from Dorothy Perkins and until yesterday I hadn’t ever paid much attention to it. I was walking through it to get through to Irish Town, it was when I was about two-thirds of the way through that I was assaulted by the smell of fresh bread. I stopped in my tracks. I wasn’t super hungry but I hadn’t had lunch so I wandered over.

The Breadbin from what I can see is a chiller counter and a fridge and not much more, this is purely take-away food but do not let that put you off. The selection is good, with key sandwich staples: cheese, prawns, chicken, ham, coleslaw etc. I had a white baguette with cheese and coleslaw, I also had a bottle of Ribeana. It came to £4.10 which I don’t think is a bad price. The servings are generous, but not so indulgent that they spill out of the baguette, I find it most annoying when that happens, but it is the freshness that got me, the bread was still warm, the cheese had just that perfect strength and the coleslaw was crisp, crunchy and not dripping all over the place.

As for the place itself, as I have said it is tiny, tucked away and almost possible to miss, but it is spotlessly clean and the lady who made my sandwich was friendly and efficient. I was in and out in under five minutes! It is a great place to duck into if you are on your lunch break or want a sandwich to eat in Casemates Square or the Alameda Botanic Gardens.

I’ve scanned the menu and uploaded to here so you can see the full range of food they do.

Breadbin Menu

The Breadbin

Telephone: 00 350 200 44558

The Arcade, Main Street,



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