Maps of Gibraltar

Regardless of the size of a place it is always nice to know where you are going.

When we first moved here I could have really done with a map. Just to show the alternative routes through town more than anything! I have a hideous sense of direction, so even with the Rock looming large I’d find myself wandering down dead ends.

It would have also proved very useful on cruise ship days. Those alternative routes are the key to staying sane, as the streets get so packed it is enough to trigger a phobia of sorts! And it would have also be nice to know where certain points of interest were hidden away.

Well I shall get to my point!

At numerous locations around the peninsular we now have maps for sale. The are £1 or €1 and are really cute keep sakes as well. They are printed in a ‘3D’ format. (Not ‘pop-up’ like my brother hoped when we took one back to the UK, that would be an idea though, although perhaps not that practical for finding your way around on a windy day!) But they also contain details on where to eat and things to see and other local businesses. They are well worth the money in my opinion.

4 thoughts on “Maps of Gibraltar

  1. I was more than a little bit miffed when I found that the mapping software my portable GPS comes with doesn’t show any roads at all. Would have been so useful for working out distances.

    It doesn’t show roads for Morocco either, except for Ceuta. Must be a Spanish company I’m guessing!!


  2. I know what you mean. The thing I most loved about the GPS software though, was not that it told you where Main St was (for instance) it told you where No 52 Main St was to within 5 metres.

    If you use somewhere like Oxford St in central London as your example, where you can choose to arrive at no less than 4 tube stations, you soon see the value of knowing exactly where you are going.

    Atleast it will pin point the Carrefour in La Linea for me!!


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