Celebrities Wine Bar – Gibraltar

Yesterday we attended the leaving drinks of one of my husband’s colleagues. The young lad is moving back to the UK after a year long placement at my husband’s company.
This was our second visit to this bar and I’m lost really at how best to describe it.
The bar is based in Ocean Village. In one of the units that are occupied by numerous restaurants and it is also very close to the casino.
Our first visit was on Boxing day of last year. My brother-in-law was visiting us and we fancied popping out for a drink. We didn’t really have much choice as you can imagine, most places were closed, so we thought we’d just stick with the one place we’d found open.
It was a huge error.
The place was practically deserted apart from a few very drunk people, who were staggering around like zombies.
The barmaid was in the toilets when we first arrived, I know because I needed to use them as soon as we walked through the door, I was slightly alarmed as she was cleaning vomit from her top, with the last remnants of the bars toilet roll I might add, and then she daubed her face with the same tissue and promptly left the toilets without washing her hands.
I washed my hands left the room and arrived at the bar to discover her serving our party, handling ice with her bare, vomit stained fingers. It was quite apparent that she herself was severely intoxicated. There was an ice scoop on the bar, she just neglected to use it. I very quickly informed our party about what I had witnessed and we switched our order to pints, or bottles, rather than my normal diet coke and ice, my husband asked for a pint of Carling, he got a pint of Caffreys. He returned it, the vomit girl poured it away and used the same glass to pour in a pint of Carling. Needless to say it tasted odd. We left. I have avoided the bar ever since.

Yesterday though I was mostly pleasantly surprised. The clientele was much better, the bar staff refused to serve a party of very drunk young guys and security saw them off. The bar was clean, tidy and smelt fresh. The bar staff were clean, presentable and friendly. Even the language barrier was overcome with giggles, mime and a few smiles. The toilets were still hideous. I know its a an odd point to comment on, but they are next door to the kitchen, which puts me off ever eating there. There was again no toilet paper, dirty floors, overflowing sanitary bins, I won’t go on. It does have a nice hand basin / sink though!
Alas my second drink arrived in a filthy glass, so there is still work to be done on that front.

On a positive note the outside area is nice to sit in, the music although not to my taste is not so loud that it interferes with your evening. The bar also has a nice roof terrace, which I took a sneak peak at.
This place does have potential. It is fine for after work drinks, so long as you choose to drink bottles.

I would never make it my first choice for a special night out, but I’m hoping as the season progresses so will the standards. I am willing to give it one more chance, I am just going to avoid those toilets, I refuse to even think about what kind of mess awaits in the gents!

2 thoughts on “Celebrities Wine Bar – Gibraltar

  1. Thank you for posting such an honest review. Somewhere called “Celebrities” would make me wary anyway. Its also good to know, that if one is in Gibraltar over Xmas period, one needs to get a full load of supplies in.

    Looks like this is a bar I won’t be trying.


    1. You’re welcome. I really don’t like to be negative but this place is quite trying. I wont say that you should write it off completely, but I certainly wont be going back while they can’t clean glasses or buy toilet paper!


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