The Kings Chapel – Gibraltar

The Kings Chapel is situated right next door to the Convent on Main Street. It is tucked away behind a wrought iron fence and unless you look closely you could be forgiven for missing it. As I had been inside of the Convent I thought I would also pop into the chapel while I was there. The stain glass windows are really something. And the ceiling detail is just sublime. I am not into religion as you may have read in some of my earlier posts but I do love the detailed work put into places of worship.


4 thoughts on “The Kings Chapel – Gibraltar

  1. The King’s chapel is clearly a beautiful place, I look forwards to seeing it myself. However, I think the desire to be worshipped is something deities inherited from their human creators.


    1. You may well be on to something there! I like to say thank you for things, without sounding like to much of a sap, sunsets, beautiful views and the ability to see those things, my family, my life, but I have never felt the need to do so in a building, I guess it is a case of whatever gets you through life eh?!


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