The Convent Open Day – Gibraltar

This weekend saw the open day of the Convent in Gibraltar, this is the home to the Governor of Gibraltar, and is also his workplace. The building dates back 1528. I do have a few booklets on the history that I am almost tempted to scan and put on here, but I don’t want to infringe any copyright laws. But they do make for quite interesting reading. I have read that it is haunted. I am not really into the idea of ghosts so I am glad she kept away while I was nosing around the impressive dining hall, bedroom and lounge. I love looking at other people’s homes. I am nosy to a point where my husband glares at me.  For obvious security reasons we were prohibited from taking pictures inside of the building, this is after all a family home and in this day and age I guess we have to just resign ourselves to the fact we need to be more security aware. Also that would be slightly to creepy even for someone as nosy as me.

The no camera rules did not apply however to the gardens and courtyard. And what a beautiful sight they were to behold. It must be such a luxury to have them to wander through after a day at work! They are meticulously maintained as you would expect and reminded me of a smaller scale of the gardens found at a lot of stately homes across the UK. I don’t know if this open day is a yearly occurrence, but I will definitely make the effort to visit again as they were such a treat to look upon.

There were so many varieties of flower, and there were little stalls where refreshments were available and you could also purchase plants that had been grown there. If only I had a garden…

4 thoughts on “The Convent Open Day – Gibraltar

  1. What lovely gardens and great photos. You’d really want gardens like that to be open every 3 months so you could see what it was like in the different seasons.

    Is picture 46 the Dragon tree ? I’ve got a nice picture of one of those somewhere, from when I was on the Canary Islands. Talking of which, isn’t it about time Spain gave them back to Morrocco :-))


    1. Yeah it is picture 46. I would love to go back there and see them again. I think it is a big undertaking though, especially as it is the residential home of the Governor. It was so very busy though, I think it would have been deemed a success so maybe they will do it again!
      As for the Canary Islands…. I went to Fuerteventura once, amazing sand dunes, but bar that I have zero knowledge of islands!


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