Get Joost Smoothie Bar – Gibraltar

Get Joost

I don’t know how I have missed Get Joost Smoothie Bar on my many trips down Main Street, but I did. However I can now call myself a regular. I can only rave wildly about the delicious, creamy and thick but refreshing beverages on offer. Also I would like to say, that even though the ‘A’ board outside with a list of naughty chocolate infused treats gives the impression that you are only going to gain pounds by paying a visit, they do have many, many healthy options, and even some designed to give you an energy boost, or to aid slimming, Bikini Body is my personal favourite!. It was my first smoothie from there (a girl has got to try eh?!) and it remains my go to treat. It has also inspired me to make my own smoothies at home, and it is a great way to get a load of fruit into your daily diet. The staff are really friendly and welcoming and the premises are spotlessly clean and have very industrial feel with all of the stainless steel fittings. If you are parched and / or peckish I would definitely recommend popping by there for nourishment!

Get Joost

248 Main Street,


Phone:  +350 200 76699

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 0800 – 1900
Saturday 1000 – 1900
Sunday 1100 – 1700


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