The Gibraltar Museum

After a year and a half of living here, I have finally visited Gibraltar Museum. And what a lovely afternoon it was. The museum itself is actually part of the exhibits as it houses the Hammams, which are baths dating from the 14th century, they can be found in the basement. Part of the ‘tour’ involves a brief but interesting film on the history of Gibraltar and its people. I found this really insightful and has given me some food for thought on places I want to see for myself, that I haven’t yet visited.

The rest of the museum houses some very interesting exhibits, lots of ancient pottery, some mummies, skulls, bones and fossils, and lots of artwork and pictures taken from the last century. It also has a lot of naval artifacts and some mortar shells and other random bits and bobs.

It costs just £2 for an adult to visit and children cost £1, under fives get in for free.

To contact the museum:

The Gibraltar Museum

18-20 Bomb House Lane


 Telephone: +350 200 74289


Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday 1000 – 1800

Saturday 1000 – 1400

Sunday & Public Holidays the museum is closed.

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