The Landing’s Restaurant, Gibraltar

Lunch out with friends and my husband the other day required something light, but healthy. We went down to Queensway Quay and looked at the menus of all the open places. We decided upon The Landings, purely because they have small sushi platter option. Now I am not a fish fan, but do like a few sushi dishes. It was a basic Nigiri platter, with I think eel, I don’t know, I sniffed it, heaved and passed it to my better half, it was way to fishy for me, he scoffed it, as he is a big fish fan! The rice was good, perfect in fact, just the right side of sticky, and the tuna, salmon and prawn pieces very good, very tasty and extremely fresh and I tried a white fish, of which I don’t know its name, but it was also very yummy.

Back in the UK where sushi can be purchased from nearly all supermarkets and a Yo Sushi is on every street in London I had grown to miss it. And I had been scouring the eateries here to try to find sushi, I even Googled it, and it came up with Marbella being the closest place to sell it! Which is even too extreme for me. So this is for now the ONLY place I know of in Gibraltar you can get sushi. And at £8.95 for a platter I think it is good value as well.

I would also recommend The Landings for other reasons. A really varied menu, and every meal I witnessed coming out, looked amazing and smelt even better. The exceptionally friendly and helpful staff, who went above and beyond to accommodate us, handing out business cards so we could call ahead and order sushi, so we could take it away, without having to wait for it to be prepared. And the fact, and this is probably ridiculous, but they give you a really yummy shortbread biscuit with your coffee. Go there. It is good! Also the view is pretty and the restaurant is all white and super chic. Perfect night out in my opinion!

The Landing’s Restaurant

15 Queensway Quay


+350 200 66100

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