Laziz Restaurant, Gibraltar

We felt like having an Indian meal the other evening so we popped down to Laziz in Ocean Village. Whilst we haven’t heard that much about this place, it is based just up from Ipanema Restaurant, so we have walked past it a few times, and it usually smells pretty good.

As it was early and really warm so we decided to sit outside. It wasn’t the most glamorous of views, we could see into people’s apartments and the back door of the kitchen of the next restaurant. The table however was enormous and the chairs really comfortable, which makes a change for  outdoors furniture. It would also suit anyone with a family as you wouldn’t be cramped together at all. The decor in the restaurant is a combination of Asian and Mediterranean. And the facilities were clean and pleasant.

The service was good. The girl who took our order was friendly and efficient. The guy who served us was very much like-minded. We ordered numerous dishes and sides. Poppadoms, onion bhaji’s, vegetable samosas, lamb tikka masala, chicken Jalfrezi, rice and a few soft drinks, The cost came to about £40 (I’ve lost the receipt, so I can’t be more accurate I’m afraid).

The food which is the main draw of a place to eat, was at best average, the portions were generous and everything was cooked well, but it lacked something, my curry was enjoyable, but my husband said his was fairly bland, when anyone who has had a Jalfrezi will agree that ‘bland’ is not a word usually used to describe that dish. It wasn’t that the food was bad, that would be completely untrue, it just lacked any punch. I won’t rule out going here again, if only to give it a good chance to impress, but I certainly wouldn’t say that this is the curry house to eat at in Gibraltar.


Ocean Village Marina


+350 20040971


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