Gib Architecture #15 – The Anchorage

When we first came over to Gibraltar we were shown a couple of apartments in this complex. I have just two negative comments to make. So I will get them out-of-the-way first of all. 1) The built-in wardrobes are so small you couldn’t fit more than a few jackets in it, 2) the bedrooms are very compact, to the degree that if you wanted a two bedroom place, you would need to upgrade to a three bedroom place and turn one room into a dressing room, because as I’ve already mentioned the wardrobe space is as good as non-existent. And if you bought a double wardrobe you wouldn’t have space left for a double bed. Bar this issue, this complex is lovely. I love the unique design of it, the finish is also fantastic and it has its own private gym, for residents only, which has a little ‘plunge’ (I think that is what it is called) pool, that you can chill out in, or do laps, but you stay ‘still’ in the same place and fight against a current. The views from this place are amazing, the apartments we viewed had these huge windows, well they were basically glass walls, which give you these epic views of the Bay of Gibraltar and Morocco and across to Algeciras. I was really impressed. Even the lobby and hall areas are decorated to high standard with these gorgeous oil slick style mosaic tiles. It is just a shame about storage. But even the storage can’t detract from the space age, yet classic design of this place, perhaps I am fond of it as it reminds me of the swimming baths in my home town in the UK, a building many complained about, but I adored because I used to say standing under it, made me feel like I was looking up at the underside of the hull of a boat. Oh, I might have out nerded myself there…


3 thoughts on “Gib Architecture #15 – The Anchorage

    1. Well from those you’d get a view of Morocco, a bit of Spain and the most southern peak of the Rock. That is the feature I like best! Architecture is so funny. A lot of space must be wasted at the point of the balcony though…


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