Baby sea gulls

The sea gulls in Gibraltar are so much bigger than any other I have ever seen. In London they are a smudgy white, and just about as big as a crow. In Brighton they are larger, but here, I actually think they might take steroids. I really love looking at these birds.

When they aren’t being destructive vandals with people’s bins they are swooping and crying in the sky doing some kind of aeronautic display worthy of a Red Arrow’s pilot. I love when they reach that age of being able to fly, but they still have their baby feathers. They are like fluffy grey blobs, lurching around in the sky still trying to work out what wings are for. You can tell from my terminology that I am really clued up on ornithology can’t you….! Just around the corner from us is a nest. This is something most people in Gibraltar can probably say as I’d wager there are more birds than us! But I managed to get some pictures of the chicks, they are so ugly they are cute!

I love their grey stick legs and knobbly knees the most!

3 thoughts on “Baby sea gulls

  1. These are gorgeous. We have plenty around our place but there is plenty of wilderness still so they nest far away from the human eye. We have plovers nesting on the beach in spring though. They look like mini versions of these cute uglies!


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