Montagu Tapas – Gibraltar

This weekend we met friends for some food. None of us were especially hungry so we decided to go for a light bite…

Montagu Tapas is situated in Chatham Counterguard, Fish Market Lane, just behind Irish town and underneath Ocean Heights. The venue is really cute. Bare brick work, with chunky wooden bar stools and short stools, with high and low tables to suit, and an old stone floor. It very much looks like it has been reclaimed from the original structure. There are legs of meat hanging from hooks on the ceiling and a bar that runs pretty much the entire length of the place. And at the end of the bar is a grill where they create the food.

Ah now the food.

Well I am big fan of tapas. I have always enjoyed the idea of ordering lots of little bits and picking. It suits my grazing diet! The food here is delicious. Not only is it presented in a cute way (sorry no pictures it got gobbled up to quickly) but the taste is sublime. I would say that after Patagonia, this place is my new favourite for meat!

I had two beef skewers, which I have been educated are actually called Pinchitos. We also had two chicken ones. Then a couple more of the beef. Our friends had a pork dish and then they and my husband decided to try a few of the sausage dishes. To say that the smell is intoxicating would be an understatement. We were not hungry when we got there, but none of us could resist it! We also had several soft drinks, and a few beers. The bill came to £32.40. This includes a really good table service which is awesome because I hate waiting at a bar to get served! And that is for drinks and food alike, it needs to be noted that all of the staff were really friendly and helpful. We did leave a tip and quite thing was made of it, with the staff saying thank you, which was pretty cool! But there was no way you couldn’t tip because the food and service is just first class!

We went back yesterday with the idea of having dinner there, but alas it was actually closed over the bank holiday. So I have only got pictures of the windows, with furniture inside. It does however offer indoor and outdoor seating. And you can see how the buildings have been converted into lovely little units. I can’t wait to see what else springs up there!

Montagu Tapas Bar

Tel: +350 200 64400  

Where: Chatham Counterguard, Fishmarket Lane, Gibraltar.

Winter Opening Hours:

Monday – Wednesday 0800-1600

Thursday – 0800-1600   2000-0100

Friday – 0800- 0100

Saturday – 1300 – 1600   2200-0100

Sunday – Closed

When the summer hours are posted I will update the post!

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