Kite Surfing in La Linea, Spain

Today we went for a stroll along the sea front of La Linea as the weather is just perfection at the moment. (Also we were going to the ‘Carrefour’ shopping centre in La Linea . It has Zara, Bershka, Springfield and Pull and Bear, plus a few other places so it is worth the walk!)

Well we saw someone kite surfing, which was awesome. There was a fair old breeze today so I should imagine the conditions were ideal. I had no idea that people did this sport around this side of the coast, I know a lot of people go to Tarifa to surf, but watching this guy was just amazing. It almost made me wish I could swim. I was also really surprised by how clear the water was and how clean the beaches are as we have heard some really negative things about La Linea, in future I think we will aim to come to our own conclusions!

4 thoughts on “Kite Surfing in La Linea, Spain

  1. Are there things you can buy in Carrefour that you cannot get in Gib. I’m especially thinking of Spanish meats and cheeses. I’ve looked at google maps, I didn’t think it was within walking distance, but I do like walking. How long does it take from the border ? I guess if you are laden with shopping, you could get a taxi to the border from Carrefour.


    1. You can get everything you could want in Gib, Morrison’s and Coviran (the other supermarket here) have it covered, and that is before you take into account all of the independent butchers, bakers, greengrocers etc.
      Carrefour reminds me of Tesco / Asda, we were looking for a table lamp, a cheapish one because as we are renting at the minute we don’t want to shell out for something that might not fit with what we have in mind when we eventually buy!
      There are buses that run from the Carrefour, and you could get a taxi, although I haven’t seen a rank there, but there are taxis that wait on both sides of the border to ferry people about! The walk takes us about 35-45 minutes depending on what way the wind blows and how strong the breeze is! It is a really nice walk though, and it is very easy to get there!


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