More Gibraltar Jubilee Pictures

We went out for dinner last night and I took my camera. I wanted to get pictures of how the streets were dressed with bunting and one of the shop windows, which in my opinion was the best jubilee themed dressing on the whole of Main Street. (This shop also sells the BEST shoes in Gibraltar!) We didn’t get involved in any of the street parties but I did see some of the River Pageant in London whilst I was training at the gym, and I did see the speech Prince Charles gave after the concert. I’m not the most patriotic of people, but I will be honest and say that these celebrations did make me feel quite proud to British.

4 thoughts on “More Gibraltar Jubilee Pictures

  1. Being of Irish descent, I don’t really subscribe to the monarchy thing. If you are going to have a symbolic head of state, why not choose someone who has achieved something with their life, rather than someone who has to look back to their great (many times) grand parents to fins achievement.
    I might feel differently in Gib, not necessarily about the monarchy but about the British governments protection against the Spanish. Somewhat disgusted though, if its true what I’ve read, that the Queen hasn’t been to Gib since 1954.


    1. When I lived in the UK I couldn’t have given two hoots about the monarchy etc, sure I quite like the Queen, in that she is a dear old lady, and reminds me of my granny, but as for what she has done? Well that is just luck of the draw as far as I am concerned; being born into something isn’t an achievement!

      But what I liked about this occasion was how all different types of people joined together to celebrate something, that wasn’t football (huge yawn) and for the first time for me at least it didn’t make me cringe when I saw the Union Jack, I have to say living in the South East of England when I saw that symbol it was usually attached to a thug with a spider web tattoo on their elbow!
      Here though it identifies and unites you. It has a level of pride attached to it. It really was quite refreshing and also amusing as well when you see a lady of 65 years plus, draped in the UJ but speaking in Spanish to her Orthodox Jewish neighbour who was also draped in a flag! It just gives people an identity here, and with that comes the queen and co…
      I don’t know when she last visited, but there is a date memorial in the Botanic Gardens that says 1954… We’ve got Prince Edward coming over next week though!


  2. Prince Edward, please don’t get me started on the royal hangers on. As for Euro 2012 I’m hoping Spain will win, with perhaps the added bonus they beat England in the quarter finals; so that National Pride restored they forget about Gibraltar!!


    1. With their impending bail out looming over them I doubt even football could raise their spirits! :-s I have to say that when I heard it was Edward coming for the visit I was a bit ‘meh’ about it!


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