Patagonia Restaurant – La Línea de la Concepción

Patagonia Red Room

In La Linea there are actually three branches of this business. One is a very small tapas bar, it is tucked down a side street. There is another in one of the small plazas which does tapas and full meals and then the restaurant is actually tucked away on one of the back streets. The restaurant is really rustic but edgy, I know that is quite the contradiction, but it has these deep red colour walls, and then some very modern elements, the main feature though is the huge grill where you can observe your dinner being prepared and cooked, which just makes you hungrier by the minute!

I have eaten there several times and it has never been empty, usually the clientele is a blend of Spanish and English and sometimes some Scandinavians, but on this visit it was just English patrons. The staff speak English, Spanish and Italian as we found out on one visit, they are also really friendly and helpful, and should you find yourself not wanting to walk back to the frontier, will happily call you a cab.

My husband had Argentinian sausage to start, while I ate the garnish! (An oiled and grilled onion.) Because I didn’t fancy a starter. Our friend swears by the black pudding they serve here, I can’t think of anything worse, but he says it is exquisite so I’ll take his word for it. Also for starters there are Argentinian pastries, which always smell and look delicious. Again, I’ve never had them (I’m not a huge pastry fan), but fellow diners have devoured them in seconds,  one of our friends will only ever order them as she said they are the best she has had ever eaten! One of my favourite things about Patagonia, and this is going to sound odd is the three flavoured butters they serve with the bread rolls before your starter is brought out. I love the citrus one, and also the red onion, the other is black olive flavour, each has small bits of the fruit / vegetable in the butter and they are absolutely delicious. If I bought them for home, I’d have a heart attack within weeks! I think I could just eat a pad of it without the bread!

Patagonia Red Room

We both ordered fillet steak, medium rare, and the sides we ordered to share, grilled red peppers with an olive oil and crushed garlic glaze and Roquefort cream potatoes. The steaks are always cooked to perfection.

The steaks are cooked on a grill, which is fueled by orange wood embers. The smell of the burning wood is amazing, I think this is the secret ingredient to the perfect steak. The side orders were also delicious. The peppers have so much flavour and the Roquefort cream goes very nicely with the steak as well. We didn’t drink on this trip, but the restaurant does serve a variety of beers and wines. We stuck to soft drinks as we had a busy day planned the next day and didn’t want to deal with a fuzzy head!

I also had a desert, my husband was stuffed full of meat by this point, (I did end up giving him a fifth of my steak to save room for desert!) On this visit I had the chocolate mousse. It was splendid. Really creamy and rich with chocolate chunkc in the bottom, however the mousse was very light and fluffy in texture. It came served in a cute little jar, with a sprig of mint in the catch that keeps the lid closed. I wolfed it down! I can also recommend a desert there called Muchio. Although this is hardcore Argentinian caramel and chocolate and isn’t for people who can’t handle rich, and quite sickly (in the best possible way!) deserts. It is always a very tough call for me when the desert menu is shown to me! My husband loves the pancakes they serve here, and quite often has them or the chocolate brownies with caramel and almonds. Whatever you pick you will not be disappointed!

Many people will talk about the price of Patagonia like it is hugely expensive. Whilst it isn’t cheap, it is certainly worth every penny. It is a place for people who appreciate good service, a chic setting and love good steak, and with good steak comes a price tag, although I really disagree with anyone who says it is overpriced. Have you seen how much McDonald’s et al now charge for their meals? In comparison is it fabulous value! The restaurant attracts visitors from all the surrounding areas, and we have friends who have driven from Marbella to sample its wares. For two rolls, olives and butter, one starter, two fillet steaks, two sides orders, one desert and seven soft drinks our bill came to £72.91 or €88.30 (they have one of those new PDQ machines that allows the user to pay in multiple currencies) I don’t think this wildly expensive as someone suggested on Trip Advisor. Sure it isn’t something we could do every day, but then again, I don’t want to eat steak every day either!

To book:

Telephone: 00 (34) 956 17 80 21


Address: C/ Isabel La Católica, 43. 11300 La Línea de la Concepción, Cádiz, Spain.

You can check out the website here.

Both images have been taken from Patagonia Website.

4 thoughts on “Patagonia Restaurant – La Línea de la Concepción

  1. Its interesting you go across to Spain for dinner, I’d have thought that might be more hassle than its worth, even as a pedestrian. By London standards it doesn’t seem expensive at all, I’ve had some pretty average meals locally that have been over £80 for two. Am I right saying you wouldn’t want to be out and about in La Linea late at night.?


    1. It really isn’t that far. By foot it’ll take around half an hour. It is pretty funny taking your passport just to get dinner! La Linea is a mixed bag, it can be really dodgy, I’ve heard of muggings etc, people being targeted purely on the basis of race, however this is only in a limited area. It is an area that has been hit by unemployment hard and a lot of protests are held by the frontier, but on the whole I don’t find it that bad! There are however areas to avoid, but the same can be said of places the world over!


  2. Reading the comments above stating that La Linea is been doggy, totally disagree with it. Nothing wrong with La Linea been leaving there 3 years. It is better than been or eating out in Gib. London standards, mate was in London 11 years, Eating in any Steak placein La Linea is like eating in Barbecoa of Jamie Olivers for 20 euro.


    1. I’ve never been to any of Jamie Olivers restaurants so I wouldn’t be able to make the comparison. I agree that Patagonia is without a doubt one of the best places you can get food. Definitely a treat for anyone who enjoys red meat, and without a doubt the best place for steak. However I will have to agree to disagree about La Linea, whilst most of the town is fine, the people warm, friendly and helpful, there are certain parts that are not so nice. I know of several people who have been mugged, or had their pockets picked. This has not happened where Patagonia is based, but in streets close by, this is why I always warn people to be vigilant when navigating certain areas. Other than that it is a great place for an evening out. Also Gib has many wonderful places to eat out at, when was the last time you tried a restaurant there?


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