Keeping Fit in Gibraltar

Gibraltar has two big gyms that are based on the Fitness First model, Atlantic Suites and Ocean Village. There is also Kings Bastion Gym, and several other specific sports clubs with gyms, there are also many residential buildings with gyms incorporated into them, Kings Wharf, The Anchorage and I believe The Clifton’s to name but a few.

I am big fitness fan which is why when the outdoor free gyms were put up in Gibraltar I was pretty impressed with the idea of a government that was actively involved in trying to improve the fitness levels of its people. So often we are bombarded with information regarding how to exercise, but joining a gym is not cheap. I often walk past this park pictured (on Rosia Road) and it is more often than not full of people. Usually very early in the morning or later in the evening. However there are a few drawbacks to these schemes.

  • The parks are not shaded or sheltered. This really does limit the time they can be used; working out in the middle of the day is not going to happen during the summer, unless you want sunstroke. Likewise, when it is raining this could leave you open to injury by slipping off of equipment.
  • The ‘bikes’ do not offer any resistance, the peddles are also pretty risky in that your feet can fly off of them whilst you pedal, if you get a bit of speed up. Bruised shins alert!
  • Some of the equipment is rather baffling. Even with instructions and a personal trainer, we were left lost as to what one piece was actually for and what the outcome from using it would be.
  • The equipment that has you lifting your own body weight is a good idea but as my PT friend pointed out, it is fairly likely to cause muscle strain rather than using a small weight and building up as you become fitter.
  • In my opinion there needs to be some kind of safety notice put up, informing people not to use the equipment when intoxicated (although amusing to watch drunken teenagers flail around, that is going to hurt the next day) and to wear appropriate attire. (I have seen ladies ‘having a go’ in their Sunday heels!) Although this is obviously common sense, I don’t think it would be fair if the parks were removed because the local authorities get sued over a stupid accident.

However I will say that my personal trainer friend did agree with my idea that anything that encourages people who have serious weight issues to get some kind of exercise is a good thing. Anything is better than nothing. They just need to approach those bikes with an element of caution! And also consult a doctor with regard to what they should be doing exercise wise, injuring yourself isn’t going to help anyone get fit!

The parks look good and I have noticed that they are regularly maintained, red and white tape adorned one piece of equipment for just a few days whilst repairs were undertaken. I think that maybe the surface under some of the equipment good be replaced with a softer substitute. Concrete hurts if you land on it! Also I really think the addition of some kind of shelter would be welcome, and make the parks more user-friendly.

If these parks are not your cup of tea, you need only look inland at the Rock and know that nature has offered you a free work out in the shape of a 400 + metre high rock to scale any day of the week! Carrying a bottle of water in each hand you will tone up your arms, get a great cardio work out and keep yourself hydrated!



8 thoughts on “Keeping Fit in Gibraltar

  1. Hi,
    I’m from Portugal and I do bodybuilding. I’m considering moving to Gibraltar but I cannot find any gyms with bodybuilding equipment, like free weights, squat racks, …
    Do know any gym like this?


    1. Hi Ruben,

      All of the gyms have the weights and equipment you are looking for. There is Ocean Village, Atlantic Suites, Kings Bastion, The Squash Club and Fit-for-Life. I think some of them have websites, so now you have names you can have a look and see if they fit what you are looking for! 🙂


  2. Hi Maisie, thanks for this blog post. I have just moved to Gibraltar and I’m a yoga teacher, teaching Vinyasa Flow. I’d love to be added to this blog post, if possible, as I think many people would be interested in practicing a dynamic and challenging style of yoga in Gibraltar. My number is +447739985370. Thank you so much in advance. Suzie


  3. Hi BoR – good effort with the site incidentally. In your option, what is actually the most basic gym in Gibraltar with some weights and a shower , and do you actually know how much it costs and whether it has monthly or only annual memberships charges. Also, if this is simply not possible due to £1000 plus gyms only, do you know of such a gym at La Linea that actually gets a job done at a normal price?


    1. Hi TJ,

      Thanks for commenting. Right gyms. If you purely want weights I would check out Kings Bastion. The opening times are a bit funny if I recall (no Sundays, but don’t quote me on that as things do change here quite frequently) and its a good price, when we looked at, they did peak and off peak membership and it is a fraction of the cost of the ‘big gyms’. Now there is also a few smaller places like Fit for Life in City Mill Lane. And I want to say that the price is similar to Kings Bastion (around the £25 a month). Also when I looked into these places you paid monthly. Not sure about the weights at Fit for Life though. The squash club in the South District is a weights paradise from what I saw. It was again a bit of an odd set up, with regards to opening times, but worth looking into. I have no idea about gyms in La Linea, no doubt they are cheaper than Ocean Village and Atlantic suites which are double dear and I have to be honest are massively over subscribed. Another place to look at is the Caleta Hotel. Small gym but when I looked at it, it has US Marines working out in there! Also I heard that they give you a locker and clean your clothes? This might be urban myth! I really hope that helps you out a bit.
      The other thing is looking at renting in the big blocks, Kings Wharf, The Anchorage, Clifftop House and Rosia Plaza all have gyms. Whether they have what you want I am not sure. Plus the rent in those places is high and not always worth it! There is a place on Devils Tower Road, I have never seen it, this is the FB page. I have zero clue on prices. Also this page has popped up I hope that helps. I will speak to some people I know who train in Spain…


  4. This is an excellent site and the sort of site that people actually need. Does anyone ACTUALLY know what the most basic weights/shower gym in Gib is, how much it is and whether it only has annual membership or monthly/quarterly options. Also, if there are only “5 star” gyms in 1 star apartment blocks charging £1000+/yr, then does anyone ACTUALLY KNOW of a normal weights/shower gym in La Linea aimed at actually getting a job – and actually know the price details etc.


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