Estate Agents in Gibraltar

There are a lot of estate agents in Gibraltar and I would be telling huge fibs if I claimed I had dealt with them all. I have however dealt with a few and have friends who have dealt with a others. A lot of the agencies also cover property in Spain, which is handy for those who do not speak Spanish but wish to see what is available there, or just want to keep their options open as privately renting in Gibraltar is about the same price as renting in London.

Below I have linked the agencies I know of, and where it is appropriate I have added my thoughts regarding their service etc.

Find A Property. These are the people who found us our apartment. The agent who attended to our needs is no longer a member of their staff, but after spending an afternoon in their office I would speak very highly of the other members of staff. They are friendly, and more importantly they listen. When setting out our budget, they took us to see property that was either that price or under. They did not waste our time. They also negotiated with our landlord to get the rental price down even further, to change some furniture and helped us out when we actually arrived by picking us up from the airport!

BMI Group. This agency showed us some incredible property. Absolutely mind-blowing, but they did not listen to us when we spoke about budgets. We also had appointments with them booked for weeks in advance and the places they showed us weren’t available for either a month after we would have moved to Gibraltar, or they had just been leased. Also more oddly they wanted three months rent in advance, which after renting property in numerous locations and countries neither my husband nor myself had encountered before, it would have left us approximately £6k out of pocket if we had gone with them on the average property they were showing us. Also they took it upon themselves to send us numerous pictures via email and insist we ‘take their word for it’ on a property and secure it by sending a bank transfer or what have you, when we had explained to them that we had never even been to Gibraltar. I have to say this riled me somewhat and whilst the lady who did ferry us around was very sweet, lovely and friendly and also full of information about the local area I couldn’t help but feel we were being treated as naive idiot children with regard to leasing a property through them.

Hills Properties.


Bray Properties. My friend swears by this agency. She can not speak highly enough, and when she moves it involves moving her three young children, and husband so it is no mean feat!

Richardson’s Properties.

Norwich & Peterborough Estate Agents. This agency showed us some great property and has a very good working relationship with numerous other agencies, and actually lead us to Find A Property and they shared the commission on our lease. The lady there was very efficient, friendly and had that ‘getting things done’ attitude, I really liked her, she instilled confidence and even though we had such a small window of time to find a home she assured us that we would. She was correct and was an endless source of help.

ESS Homes.

BFA Gibraltar.

GMI Homes.


I am not sure this has covered all of the estate agencies, if I discover more or anyone wants to be added to the list, please let me know!

10 thoughts on “Estate Agents in Gibraltar

  1. Thank you, very interesting post. I’ve heard positive things about Justin Bray of Bray properties.

    May I ask what kind of budget the incredible mind blowing properties BMI showed you were, they sound interesting 🙂



    1. The apartments were beautiful but the cheapest was £1750 pcm and the most expensive was £2550 pcm. I just don’t understand why you’d waste money on renting something that expensive? Or am I just really tight? I’d want to be buying something at those prices!


  2. I probably wouldn’t want to rent either, at least not for very long.
    I asked the question because property presentation on the Internet is largely very poor. I’ll be interested to see what properties BMI have in the 2,000 to 3,000 quid a month bracket.
    Thanks for the post.


    1. You are very welcome! I think the thing that bugged me, was the space involved with the pricing, tiny places (less than 60 square metres, no storage) for £1500 plus pcm. But the South District does offer a lot more in the way of space… Its just a short ride into town though! Good luck house hunting, there are some amazing places to live here! Just watch out for the apes! 🙂


  3. I’m having problems finding property I like in Gib, if I’m honest. Its not a question of budget. My plan is to be in Gib for 6-8 months of the year, elsewhere for the remainder of my time. I need lock and leave, so I don’t want a garden or private pool, but I do want outside space in the form of a large roof terrace of some sort. Communal pool would be good.
    South district is fine, I’d just get a car for trips to Morrisons and park in one of the multistory jobs if going to the markets. If I was out to lunch it’d be good to use the bus. Equally, I don’t mind centrally located either.
    It will be interesting to see what the estate agents come up with when its time to contact them.


    1. These buildings are fairly nice, The Clifton’s, The Anchorage, Clifftop House, Highcliffe House. Check out this link for Highcliffe House. It was by far the best building we looked at, but the rental price was just too much for us at this time, we are trying to save for a deposit on a Mortgage! A lot of the apartments do have huge balconies and they offer you great views and lots of outside space. Which I think is important for anyone first coming to live here, the sunshine is a big draw after all! I met a lady in the Botanic Gardens the other who is building two villas high up on the rock, I will get photos when I next go there, she is keeping one, and selling the other… they would offer you everything you’d want. But they won’t be ready for at least 6-12 months… but the views from there. Oh my goodness they will be amazing. As for the parking thing, most apartments at least everyone we saw had its own space. So don’t worry overly about that. Plus the bus is free for residents and the south district is served by quite a few routes!


  4. Thank you for the link to Higcliffe, which took me to the Clifton’s penthouses which looked very much my kind of thing. However, estate agents aren’t too good at marketing their properties to me, I’d really have liked to see more of the outside space and view.
    Villa also sounds very nice, I’d appreciate further information if you happen to stop by the botanic gardens. Getting around Gib I suspect is the least of one’s problems, I assume there are taxis of last resort and it can’t be more than £15 quid to go anywhere on the island, rip off rides to the top of the rock excluded.


      1. And I’m not going to change it, mostly because even though it is a penninsular, it really does feel like an island when you live here, or it does at least for me! And after living in Malta, is which is bigger, but SO isolated, I have done island living. I much perfer Gibraltar! 😀


    1. It isn’t that far from our place, it is also a lovely looking building so I will get you some pictures of the surrounding area, and a limited view… it’ll stretch much further the further up you get. Penthouse views make me change colour… But my parents always used to dress me in green so I wear it well 😉


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