Waterfront Restaurant, Gibraltar

This image has been taken from the Waterfront Restaurant website.

This wasn’t my first visit to the restaurant but it was my first visit since starting the blog. We went for dinner on Friday and again we were out and about in the later part of the evening. We got there at around 2230 and we were both starving hungry. We skipped starters and plumped straight  for a main course. My husband had a homemade burger and I had liver and mash, which comes with bacon, but I asked them to make mine without it.

The restaurant has two levels. We were sat on the lower one, and it has these sliding doors. It was chilly on Friday night and a small person kept leaving the door open, which the staff and my husband kept closing and I can honestly say this element, something out of the restaurants control is the only thing I can complain about!

The decor in the restaurant reminds me of being in a boat, which is entirely appropriate given its location. The staff are warm and friendly and even though their kitchen was fairly close to closing they sat us and served us without any  gripes or complaints. We didn’t time it like that on purpose, it just happened that way! There are booths or tables and we were sat in the booth section which is nice and cosy, without feeling to hemmed in. I actually like sitting in a booth because I always feel like I am less in other people’s way, that way!

My meal was delicious. I know liver isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it is something I am quite partial too. It isn’t the easiest thing to get right as I have found out. Here however it was succulent and moist and the onion gravy really brought out the flavour, the mash potato that provided the base was also delicious and creamy. I did not leave a morsel on my plate. My husbands burger was huge, the quality sublime and the sides that it came with were extremely generous, big chunky steak cut chips and a fresh and crispy salad, we only had soft drinks, but from our booth we could see a well stocked bar with a lot of variety for anyone that would fancy a tipple over dinner. The dinner came to around £33 with our tip.

I would highly recommend this place. As I have said it has a very nice staff and the food is great, it is also very reasonable for the portions and quality. The menu is also very varied and I think would cater to pretty much anyone. The location provides you with a view over  Queensway Quay. Which is just beautiful as the sun is setting. Next time we go I will take my camera.

It is in my experience an older crowd who seem to eat here, so although there is background noise, it isn’t screeching loud drunken voices, or Rihanna exclaiming how she ‘found love in a hopeless place’, via an overly loud PA system. (Don’t get me wrong I like her music, just not while I am trying to eat!)

Contact details:

Waterfront Restaurant.

4/5 Ragged Staff Wharf,
Queensway Quay, Gibraltar

Tel: (+350) 200 45666

E-Mail: waterfrontrestaurant@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “Waterfront Restaurant, Gibraltar

  1. Sounds excellent, although I wouldn’t be ordering the liver!! I’m a bit of a late eater, a habit made over many years of getting home late from work, so its good to know restaurants in Gib welcome clients who turn up after half past nine in the evening.

    I remember going to a fondue restaurant in Geneva once, and having a similar door problem to you, except it was the waiter who kept leaving it open as he couldn’t be bothered to open and close it everytime he took food to the diners outside, and it kept blowing out my fondue’s flame.


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