The Library

The library is in the John Mackintosh Hall, which is on Main Street . It is up on the first floor, and houses a lot of books. I had this image of a tiny room with a hundred titles, like one of those travelling van libraries you get in rural areas or small towns in the UK. Some of the books are old, but reading material is reading material. You also get free wi-fi, and can use one of a couple of PC’s if you find yourself hankering after Facebook! But the free wi-fi is very handy.

If you live in Gibraltar you can simply turn up, with proof of ID and address and sign up for free. You do not need a Gibraltar ID card, I got my library card using my phone bill and passport. Which is handy as the ID cards take a long time to be processed. (More on that later!)

If you live across the border you are going to have to shell out £20, which isn’t actually that much when you think about the cost of books. You can take away two at a time, well us Gibraltar based folks can, there might be a one book limit on people from Spain. Sorry I will check this out and report back! But I think two is standard. The ladies there are really helpful and nice, and also if you find yourself in procession of a ridiculous amount of books and are at a loss as to what to do with them, the library does accept donations. As I found out! Long live libraries and books. I will not be converted into a kindle girl!

Opening times: Monday – Friday 0930 – 1930

Contact telephone number 00350 20078000


2 thoughts on “The Library

  1. I’m a little surprised to hear the ID cards take a long time, that wasn’t my understanding at all. I love libraries, not just because of the books but because they are integral part of the community and a great way of finding out what is on. Also librarians are generally lovely people, I’ve worked with lots of them and they have all been really genuine.


    1. You will very much like the library in Gib then because after only a few weeks of going the ladies knew me by name and face which made me feel very welcome! Also I couldn’t agree more about it being a big part of the community; the John Mackintosh Hall is home to numerous elements of Gibraltar’s community. Lectures are held there and the theatre is next door, it has a cute cafe, tourist information etc…


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