Gib Architecture # 07 – Gibraltar Law Courts

I have to say that the modern green glass extension (is it an extension? I don’t know, that is just how it appears from where I am standing!) against the stark white walls with the charcoal grey paint work and black iron work makes me drool. This is one amazing looking building. I am smitten. The juxtaposition of the modern against the old just makes my heart flutter. It actually in a bizarre way reminds me of the City. One of my big loves of London is how you have a view of the ancient with the newly built and this building embodies all of that for me, well not quite ancient, but I hope you get where I am coming from! I wish I could have gotten a better front on shot, but that would involve lying on the floor and I a) wasn’t wearing lying on the street clothes b) don’t want to end up in the court on charges of odd behaviour!

2 thoughts on “Gib Architecture # 07 – Gibraltar Law Courts

  1. I don’t know the laws in Gib on workplace smoking, but may be the green “extension” was built to provide a nice smoking gallery at the front so the judges could have a quick fag between cases.


    1. October 1st this year the law banning smoking indoors in public buildings etc comes in. I for one cannot wait! But I sort of like the idea of a judge needing a fag break! I might ask to have a look around. I wonder if there are rules, but hell if you don’t ask you don’t get!


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