Gib Architecture # 06 – Mid Harbours Estate

This new complex was in the final stages of going up when we first moved here. I love the roof line. I think it is really different. It is totally appropriate to have a wavy roof when you live by the sea! I have no idea what the apartments are like inside, but I believe that the entire complex is government housing. I think it is an awesome looking development. The building on the end blends in with stone work of Kings Wharf pretty well. The gardens around it are lovely and I think, again I’ve not looked for myself, that there are kids play areas and one of those our door gym things, which I am going to do a post on later! I know a few people have bemoaned the fact that buildings have blocked the view of the bay, but I personally think that if they are government buildings, why shouldn’t local people be afforded a beautiful view from their windows as well?  What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Gib Architecture # 06 – Mid Harbours Estate

  1. I guess you won’t be surprised to discover I have posted about Mid Harbour estate a while back. Save me repeating what I wrote, here are the links
    The gardens are nice. The apartment I’ve been in (three bed) was relatively small inside though. Still, for the price, who would complain?
    I’ve written about the exercise parks too…. so I’ll wait with interest to see what you have to say about those.


    1. I think the wind problem you have mentioned in MHE applies to so many places in Gibraltar. I practically have to nail my washing down or lose it when drying it on my balcony. I didn’t take into account that the MHE hadn’t got any balconies. I guess it is a shame, but with those views and such cheap rent, I guess you can’t have it all! I like the exterior design of the buildings at OV, but those roof top hot tubs etc are so not my scene! Mind you your picture of the pool looks lovely, and it must be so nice during the summer months! But there is something very holiday / hotel about that development… And I couldn’t agree more about the cost of rent there, and the space you get for it. Utterly ridiculous!


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