Anyone for Lego?

I had bucket loads of Lego as a child. My brother and I would build all sorts of crazy stuff. But nothing could prepare me for what I have seen at our local library. I read a fair amount and I also like the cafe in there so I have walked past this enormous exhibit on a number of occasions but it was only recently that I realised this giant flag of Gibraltar is made of Lego. For any passing tourist it has to be a must! This is up there with the old school phone boxes for sure!?

I don’t know how many tourists actually get to see it, but it is a feat of Lego engineering surely! At four metres tall and eight metres long it is massive, I think they sheer size of it is why I didn’t ever imagine it was made from Lego before! It needs to go on the map! (I need to get one of those new maps to ensure it isn’t already on there, sorry if it is to the map makers! The lady in the information kiosk laughed at my reaction, which I think is probably fairly standard by all accounts! But still if you haven’t seen this you have to go. It was built and assembled for National Day a good few years ago. I will confess there was apart of me that wanted to break it apart and start building other stuff, but that was just the Lego crazed child in me! 😉

To locate the Lego flag go to the John Mackintosh Hall, Main Street, Gibraltar. It is right on the end of Main Street near to the Trafalgar Gardens area of town.


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