Café Solo: Lunch Review

Café Solo is situated in Casemates Square. You can choose to eat inside or outside, and yesterday was super sunny and hot, so we opted for outside. This wasn’t our first visit there by any means. Café Solo is one of my favourite places to eat in Gibraltar. If the weather is poor, which is rare, you can sit indoors and peruse some local art work. Or at least I presume it is a local artists work, all of the pieces hanging on the walls (bar the menu chalkboard!) is for sale. I will be honest and say some of it isn’t quite to my taste, but it changes quite a lot and it is always interesting to look it, which I am told it the point of art!

Anyway if you choose to sit outside, you are afforded a view of the big old square which is always busy with tourists during the day, the Moorish Castles looms above you and you can also see some way up Main Street, it is not altogether a bad place to sit and watch the world go by!

The food served is mainly a blend of Mediterranean and Italian cuisine. Although having looked at Café Solo’s website, they say just Italian.I’m not going to quibble, it is all good!

I have not ever been disappointed by whatever dish I have chosen, also the coffee there is some of the best I have had in Gibraltar. They have good variety of drinks to pick from, from quirky beers, through to champagne. The dish I opted for yesterday was a basic but very tasty pesto linguine. It comes served in a deep dish, covered in rucola and pine nuts and parmesan cheese, should you request it. I always do. The world doesn’t have enough cheese in my opinion! My husband opted for a pizza, I can’t recall what the name was, but not a crumb was left when he had finished. Between us both we had three soft drinks, a coffee and a still water, pasta and a pizza and our bill came to £23.80. Not bad at all. Table service is provided throughout, and the staff are warm, welcoming and very helpful.

Also of note to anyone looking to surf the net, all customers are given access to free wi-fi, which can be handy if you want to check in on FB!

On this particular visit we didn’t indulge in having a dessert, but I highly recommend the chocolate brownie. It is fabulously rich, and is one of those desserts that leaves you wanting more, but feeling as though simply couldn’t eat another morsel! It goes very well with a gossip and coffee if I do say so myself!

The restaurant does get very busy so here is the number to book a table to avoid disappointment : (+350) 200 44449

Or check out their website here for more details. They also have another branch near Atlantic Suites, but I have not visited there yet! But I have heard than many of the staff from Europort use it as their ‘go to’ place for lunch!

The picture has been borrowed / poached from the Cafe Solo website and credit is due to Tony Evan, see more of his work here.


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