Morrisons Supermarket

This post just reiterates how old I am getting. But hey ho, it also involves food and other home comforts so I feel it is a valid entry on to this blog! We have a branch of the delightful English supermarket right here in Gibraltar. After living in Malta where you get special extras in your food like rotting vegetables or a maggot, (both true stories, both happened to me, and I am still not over it) when we arrived here we popped right on over to the shop. Oh the delightful air conditioning, the beautiful merchandising, helpful staff and general cleanliness of the place made me want to dance. I think I did actually jig about down the frozen aisle when I clocked Feast ice-creams.

The store also has an in-house chemist which sells all the usual UK products, which again is a real lazy girl treat, I hated working out what was what when trying to buy a headache tablet in Malta. However the strict UK sales codes apply here as well, so you will get quizzed by the chemist or sales person, and if you look young they will not sell you certain things. Alas I do not have that problem. I guess it is a case of swings and roundabouts you can buy anything in Malta, at any age I think! (Except the morning after pill I have been told, the strict religious rules have erm, I think I want a different word, but will use ‘outlawed’ it until my brain conjures up the correct term!)

The store is as you would expect; exactly the same as the UK versions. Except they will accept Euros, maybe they do this in the UK? I have no idea, I have never tried. The currency here in Gib is actually UK sterling, but wandering about you will find most places accept Euros if the truth be known. The pound notes are also different to the UK ones as well, and if you try to use the Gib pound notes in the UK people look at you as if you are mental, it is quite bizarre. However the UK version is accepted here with no quibble. The exchange rate on the Euro in store is not great. So I would either pay by card or draw money from the bank before you shop.

The food and other goods, prices are pretty much the same as the UK, except the smokes and booze as I have mentioned before. It isn’t the cheapest place to buy food in Gibraltar, but I will cover the other stores later on, but it is the most convenient, and the simplest to navigate! The food is fresh, good quality and the supermarket does offer a range of special deals which tie in with the UK deals where applicable.

ridiculously friendly, I have never met such a bunch of happy folks. They will enquire about where you are staying, and alway seem to offer you a range of possible activities that you might want to try or places to go and see. There is a real sense of community. Once you have been here for a few weeks, you are treated as a regular and that in itself is a nice feeling!

There is also a bar / cafe in the supermarket which is handy if you a) need a fry up or b) have a husband who would like a pint while you troll about down the aisles! Mine is normally to be found sniffing around the bakery, where the cakes and fresh-baked bread always smell amazing!

Contact details:

Morrisons Supermarkets, Gibraltar

Westside Road


00350 20041114

Opening times:

Store: Monday – Saturday 0800 – 2200 Sunday 0800 – 2000

Chemist: Monday – Saturday 0900 – 2100 Sunday 1000 – 1800

Petrol Station: Monday – Saturday 0600 – 2230 Sunday 0800 – 2030



5 thoughts on “Morrisons Supermarket

  1. I knew the Morrisons was there, it used to be Safeway. Good to hear its the easiest place to shop and has a good range of things to buy. Thanks also for posting the opening hours, as I know so much in Gib doesn’t function at weekends.



  2. My husband and I are about to move out to Gibraltar. Arriving on Sunday. Thanks for the information about the Morrison’s supermarket. One small thing though, I believe it is only Bank of England notes as well as the Gibraltar notes that are accepted in Gibraltar. There are no such thing as UK bank notes as many banks in both Scotland and Northern Ireland still issue notes, but even using them in England you get some funny looks. For reference the Scots notes are issued by the Bank of Scotland, the Royal Bank of Scotland, and the Clydesdale Bank. In Northern Ireland it is even funnier as our former Northern Bank is now Danish – Danske Bank – so we have Sterling notes with Danske Bank on them, as well as the others banknotes from the Bank of Ireland, First Trust, and the Ulster Bank. What fun!


    1. You know I had to check on this and came up with very little Michael. I asked a few people I know who have shops and other than one (off license) they only take Gib and English notes or Euros, some will even take dollars. But not Scottish notes! They didn’t even know about the Irish ones! Really crazy. I remember a few years back when I was working in the UK we had a spate of fake Scottish notes and I wonder if it stems from that? I don’t know! I am sure that the banks will either swap them surely! Or a currency place. I hope the move went well and if you need any info don’t hesitate to ask, also Eroski is open longer than Morrisons, so you aren’t stuck with just them, and depending on where you are living there is also Ramsons and Coviran. (I’m not a huge fan of Coviran if I am honest, great in an emergency but not for a weeks shop!)


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