The first post…

I literally have no idea where to begin. So I guess I will start with why we moved here.

My husband works in online gaming. There is a huge amount of companies here that do just that. So we moved for his career!

Other than gambling companies there is an abundance of solicitors and finance firms. Gibraltar is a well known tax haven. And because of its duty-free status, sells smokes and booze super cheap! (Also perfume and cosmetics which is pretty awesome!) Sadly as we are now older and more sensible (read: can’t deal with hangovers and have never smoked) we don’t take as much advantage of that as we could! But our guests do! Most of our visitors have stood in awe of the booze prices, it doesn’t really help that awful image of ‘Brit’s abroad’ when there is a gaggle of us, clustered outside of a shop window discussing how much the vodka would be back home in the UK!

Prior to living here, we also did a stint in Malta. We both made good friends there and through the mediums of Facebook, Skype, What’s App and plain old SMS we stay in contact with our pals there. Living there forced us out of our comfort zone, it is a very different culture to the UK, and also Gibraltar, (although we have a large number of Maltese family names in Gibraltar) and whilst I loved the weather (the climate in Malta is pretty much balmy all year round) I found myself hankering for green open spaces, a cheaper food bill and a good steak!

My husband currently works (long may it continue) for one of the largest online gaming companies and I can quite honestly say that his work colleagues and managers have made us so very welcome it is hard to express our thanks. This is a running theme and will be (hopefully) throughout the blog. The people in and of Gibraltar are some of the nicest, sweetest and most helpful I have ever met.

The country is a British overseas territory. The language here is a bit crazy, whilst everyone does speak English, you will hear Spanish as well. As well as Hebrew, Arabic and some others! Actually you will hear this crazy, fast as you like version of Spanish which the Gibaltarians have altered into their own language, it is possible according to Wikipedia that the term ‘gibberish’ came from here! I hope that doesn’t offend anyone from Gib, but the language is amazing. People flit in and out of English and Spanish with every other word. And as I don’t speak Spanish, this has proved to be fairly funny on a few occasions. But as soon as people realise you only speak English they stick to just that! There is nothing weirder than seeing an English policeman in full regalia, on duty, chatting to people in Spanish!

We live in the South District and it offers us views across The Bay of Gibraltar, into Spain and Morocco. It is crazy opening the hall window to look across at North Africa! The weather is beautiful, although is quite English in its temperament, it can change if the wind blows the wrong way creating the Levant cloud which shrouds the majority of the peninsular.Which always makes me wonder if that is why the Brits seized the place and made it home!?


15 thoughts on “The first post…

    1. It is really interesting! It is full of diverse cultures, but everyone seems to get along for the most part! The Bay of Gibraltar is full of oil / freight / cruise ships so I wouldn’t imagine people do much on the leisure (surfing etc) front there, but surfing does happen in Tarifa (I think that is how it is spelt) which is across the bay and is the closest point to Morocco, it is about an hour or so drive from Gibraltar!


  1. Am loving the start to your Gibraltar Blog – I too started a blog when we came here just under 2 years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed doing it and the response has been amazing – if you get a chance do have a read – unfortunately we are heading back to the UK in July so the blog will come to a natural conclusion…….I will continue to follow yours and can put it on my blog roll if you approve


    1. Thank you for stopping by. And thank you for such a lovely comment, if you would add me to your blog roll that would be amazing! 😀
      Are you leaving permanently?
      I will be sure to check your blog out! I am really enjoying writing mine! We have lived here for a year so far, and yet I still keep discovering new things!


      1. Okay – have added it to the Blog Roll and have subscribed to you blog so I dont miss anything……yes we are leaving permanently but have had an absolute ball during our time here – we too keep discovering things and falling in love with the rock even more…….. I have a facebook page called Giblogswallop too and the twitter account as well…..


      2. I think I am following on Twitter! I will look you up on FB as well! It is always great to get tips on places to see / visit from other people!
        I guess you can always come back and visit! It does make a great holiday as many of our friends are discovering!


      3. Yes you are following me on Twitter but just to confirm the blog is hosted on and not so you wont find it by clicking on my favicon on here – it is – feel free to comment or Tweet or share or Like – but mainly comments or ideas would be most welcome…..


  2. Hi,

    Great blog.

    Just one thing – Gibraltar is not a tax haven. It is actually very well regulated by the Financial Services Commission. Tax haven screams tax evasion and dodgy deals and whilst Spain may insist that is what Gibraltar is; it is most certainly not.
    In phasing out tax-exempt companies and agreeing to exchange tax information with other countries, Gibraltar is committed to maintaining EU standards while gaining a reputation as a favorable, but legitimate, location for off-shore investments.

    Hope you continue to enjoy the very unique little piece of Britain in the sun 🙂


  3. I’m so glad I came across your blog! I love Gib – it’s like my second home. I have family out there and lived there for a while when I was younger and even got married there myself. I’ve actually been thinking a lot lately about moving there myself with my husband but property is just so expensive out there!


      1. I think we would have to save up for years to be able to do it! We got married at the Caleta Palace Hotel in the garden and then had photos on the beach after. Was a lovely day 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying your life out there!


      2. Well unless you rent out your UK place and rent here? Just an idea! Ah the Caleta is so pretty, a couple we know got hitched there last summer! It was such a lovely day 🙂


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