Architecture in Gib #2

This building facade can be found on Main Street. It is best viewed by day, with the sun shining on the pristine tiles, but at this time of the year the amount of tourists means you will go absolutely barking mad trying to fight your way down the street! It is worth a look at though. It is just perfect. It still looks gorgeous at night, but if you do want to see it, I would advice visiting Gib on a Sunday when the vast majority of shops are closed and Main Street is less swamped with sun burnt bodies!

5 thoughts on “Architecture in Gib #2

      1. There is no getting away from how tiny it is, but it changes almost daily I think. I guess that could be done to the people who work here for short term contracts etc… they bring their own little bit of uniqueness with them!


  1. Ah, you are making me miss Spain (and the Rock, of course!) even more than I already was. Thanks for commenting on my Gibraltar post – our visit there was a definite highlight of an awesome trip!


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